Report 16. 11. 2017 – 19. 11. 2017

The first November

The second edition of season 2017/2018 was held in November 16th-19th and we had the occasion to sample the hockey&party style from Canada, Czechia, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. We’ve seen great hockey actions, even greater considering the party level of the teams. :)

Every team showed great Barrel spirit – despite allurement of night Prague everybody showed on the ice in the morning and one’s their best there. All the teams have been taken care of the hostesses, that paid special attention to the hydration of the team – we witnessed many trays full of beer heading towards the locker rooms.

For November we enjoyed surprisingly high temperatures that made the evening sightseeing very “springish” – the Russian boys maybe even sweated. :) They did for sure on the boat trip, where they dominated the dancefloor.  Even though the competition for best Kozatchek dance won the waiter who has been walking through the dancers and just btw. squatted and made the best dance of us all. :)

People on the stops were surprised when a special tram with “Prague’s Barrel” sign passed through. It was definitely the kind of public transport you would like to hop on – full of cheerful people, music and liquid refreshment.

During the final ceremony we handed prizes. The nightmare of all goalies was Michailova Sergei Andreevich from team Bratich, on the other hand, the impermeable wall was nominated Vasiliy Lapshenkov from team Vivaster. The beer king contest won Little Chris from Canada, whose beer ended quickly into his stomach and not on his shirt.

Bronze medals won team Ros from Ukraine, silver ones ZZSHMP from Czechia.

After tough finals where they confirmed their “unbeatable” status, gold medals and eternal glory brought back home in Russia Vivaster.

It was all over a fantastic weekend, it was nice to see again 5 members of our Prague’s barrel family and we really liked how the new teams embraced the Barrel Spirit. Hopefully, we’ll meet them again in the next season.

Video from the tournament


1. Vivaster 
3. Ros 
4. J&T Bank 
5. Bratich 
6. Bauer 
7. Abu Dhabi Aeros 

8. Puckers Luxembourg 
9. Georgetown 
10. Paleoveneti 
11. Stockholm Knights 
12. Arsenal 

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