Report 23. 11. 2017 – 26. 11. 2017

The Second November

In November 23rd-26th Prague’s Barrel hosted team from Canada, Czechia, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and a few elements from UK for the very last tournament of the year 2017.

The hockey level was high and the final standings almost fully corelated with the numbers of players in the team. Nothing to do, one of the important factors of Barrel performance on ice is the level of party the earlier day – more friends you have on the bench, more bearable is the day after. :)

The play offs from Saturday only confirmed the standings from pools according to the number of points. The thrilling finals against winners of the pools Auto Team and Bank Rossiya ended for the win of the  bankers.

Party on the boat was decent and served more like aperitive before throwing oneself into Friday night. There were teams that for the second day in a row left the club only after the personnel turned off the music and put the lights on. Special “bravo” for these lads that both days showed up on the ice. :)

The final ceremony was held in a new place, club Misch Masch. Colourful panels of the dancefloor attracted majority of the participants to celebrate their sporty performance and flowing beer helped to destroyed the language barrier among teams.  Experienced boys instructed youngsters from other teams  how to get the maximum of the Prague’s party so we even witness great metamorphoses from shy and super focused guys into party animals. :)

Thanks to everybody for great closing of the Barrel year 2018, we’ll keep great memories of this weekend.

Video from the tournament


  1. Bank Rossiya 
  2. Auto Team 
  3. Nizhnyi Novgorod 
  4. Snezhnyi  
  5. Red Dragon 
  6. Vandelay Industries 
  7. HC Trageds 
  8. Žolne 

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