Ice hockey tournament Prague’s Barrel is first of all a great deal of fun, new friendships, a lot of beer and certainly also your great hockey performance. But we need to set up basic rules, so everything goes smoothly and without squabbles. :)


We are a fun tournament but it’s essential to have some rules:

  • Players who have played any professional league or have had a contract during current hockey season are ineligible. (The exception allows a maximum of 3 players per team with any type of professional contract in the current ice hockey season, but only from the lowest professional level. We kindly ask team captains to inform us in advance about this fact, so that the exception can be considered by the tournament’s sports manager.)
  • No timeout during the game.
  • Every match is played 3×15 minutes straight time. If there remain two minutes till the end of the match and the score difference is one goal or tie, we switch in the netto time.
  • In group stage can be a tie, during play-off matches in case of a tie there will be a shoot out (3 shooters), in case of a tie after 3 shoot out will be 1 extra shoot out (can be the same same player) etc.
  • The slap shot is not allowed, the contact is allowed in limited extent within the rules of the women’s hockey, both these rules can be cancelled by agreement of both captains prior to the game.
  • Penalties: Minor – 2 minutes, Major – 5 minutes, Misconduct – 10 minutes, Game Misconduct – out of that game only.
  • No body checking allowed – a player making body contact shall be assessed a minimum of a minor penalty. A checking from behind penalty is a 5 minute major, plus a game misconduct and the next game. 10 minute misconduct – will be given to player/coach who verbally abuse the referees. If a player continuous, he will be given a game misconduct.
  • Only the captain can discuss a controversial situation with the referee during the game. Captain must be clearly identified.
  • Every participant plays at his own risk, the organizer provides the first aid, NOT the health insurance. Please have your insurance card all the time with you.
  • If a team does not show up on the ice within five minutes after the official start of match – match is loss by default in favor of the other team 3-0.
  • Organizer claims the right to shorten the match for the time lag reason.
  • A player can play for only one team in the tournament, all players who play in the tournament have to be written in the roster and the roster have to be handover before the tournament to organizers (when player is not written in the roster, organizers can exclude the player or the whole team), “borrowing” players is not allowed, unless with permission of the referee and the captain of opposite team prior to the match.
  • It is not allowed to damage the ice rink and cloakrooms in any way.


  • System will be adjusted before a tournament in a newsletter, generally each team will play 2 games in a group on Friday and the play-off games on Saturday.